Thai Therapeutic Menu of Services

Traditional Thai Massage

This ancient healing art dating back over 2, 000 years uses stretching, acupressure and compression with a gentle rocking motion to increase energy flow.  Here at Jindana Spa, our Advanced Therapists provide specialized treatments to relieve painful conditions and to restore balance to body, mind and spirit.  Steamed herb packs are used to relax muscles and tendons and to provide therapeutic comfort.
30 min. - $40 | 1 hr. - $75 | 1 ½ hr. - $100 | 2 hr. - $125

Thai Foot Massage

We start with soaking your feet in a wonderful warm aromatherapy foot bath. Thai Reflexology on your feet benefits your whole body. Point pressure, stroking, stretching and thumb rolling are used on specific areas to increase blood circulation and energy flow in the internal organs. Working on the feet provides relief from stress and pain and improves overall health and well being.
30 min - $40

Couples Massage

Side - by - Side. Create an opportunity to open your hearts, relax your bodies and to share wonderful moments with your loved one. Leaving blissful, rejuvenated and more relaxed in your whole being and open to creating deeper intimacy in your relationship.
1 hr. - $150 | 1 ½ hr. - $200 | 2 hr. - $250

Massage for small groups of friends or family

Let us know if you would like to come together with others and enjoy your sessions side by side in the same room. We can customize a menu for your group of 4 or less.